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Material Flow Tracing  -  MFT

MFT – the traceability concept in case of serial failures

The automotive industry demands traceability in case of defect products from suppliers. That implies that the supplier needs to be able to identify all delivered products which may be affected by the same defect cause.

This traceability should reduce the extent of necessary recalls.

The MFT-concept ensures traceability within the own range.

MFT - system construction

MFT - the approach

The traceability’s challenging aspects are integration along the supply chain, the huge data volume and the total system costs.

The MFT-concept is based on RFID-Tags (mobile data storage) used as electronic accompanying document.

Existing production controlling IT systems get upgraded with additional MFT-software-features. The MFT-software acquires the conditions of production and communicates with the RFID-tags. All production control systems along the supply chain transfer the local MFT-basic data to a superior central MFT-system.

In case of defects of an already delivered product the central MFT-system identifies the production lot of the defect product component and then determines all other final products using components of this lot. This ensures the traceability.

MFT - basis data