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Process Analysis and Measures  -  PAM

PAM – the procedure for business process optimisation

Many companies run business process which as time passed became comparatively complicated and inefficient.

In this case the companies try to improve these business processes step by step without disrupting operative business.

The PAM-procedure supports the pragmatic business process optimisation.

PAM - project structure

PAM – analysis and measures

The PAM-procedure is based on an intensive cooperation of process operators, specialists and conultants. This team is focused on fast and continuous progress.

There are five PAM-steps:

  •   Step 1:  simple graphical process modelling
  •   Step 2:  identification of process barriers and detours
  •   Step 3:  analysis of causes and illustration of coherences
  •   Step 4:  definition of measures and implementation priorities
  •   Step 5:  check of measure implementation

The PAM-procedure helps to identify improvements and to implement quickly.

PAM - measures