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Logistics and Production System Optimisation  -  LUPO

LUPO – the powerful tool for optimising complex networks

Most international enterprises run a complex logistics and production network in cooperation with different partners. Such a network is designed to manufacture products, deliver spare parts or quickly manage repairs.

The network needs to be robust i.e. to deliver in time at lowest costs.

The LUPO-System supports the optimisation of such a network regarding network design and network performance controlling.

LUPO - logistics- and repair network

LUPO - optimisation scenarios

The LUPO-System represents the corporate network within a specific simulation model.

The LUPO-system undertakes the customer's order data, inventory data as well as design parameters. Then the LUPO operator can analyse simulation-assisted the complete network or only a network section.

Therefore the operator defines various scenarios i.e. he changes influence quantities like material flows or process rules. In a second step he uses the LUPO-system to simulate the different scenarios and to compare the impact of his changes upon key performance indictors, e.g. cycle time or total costs.

As a result, the operator is able to identify the action which is of the greatest utility for optimising the network in advance.

LUPO - structure of simulation model