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Supply  Chain Check  -  SCC

SCC – the tool for checking time-sensitive supply chains

Various industries have implemented complex supply chains for organizing and controlling material- and information flow via different value-added steps from suppliers to customers.

The supply chains of some industry sectors are extremely time-sensitive, e.g. the just-in-time deliveries in the automotive industry. In this case malfunction of supply chains may cause production down-time at the end of the supply chain.

The SCC-procedure supports the check of supply chains in terms of robustness compared to malfunction as well as the effectivity of measures.

SCC  –  the tool for checking time-sensitive supply chains

SCC – the principle

SCC is a simulation-based procedure for modelling the supply chain and analyzing different scenarios.
The SCC-procedure includes the following steps:

Preliminary clarification:
  • Clarification of targets and related key figures, e.g. parts availability
  • Identification of all relevant process steps and its interactions
  • Clarification of available supply chain data
  • Evaluation of all data for normal process mode
  • Identification of possible malfunction of each process step
  • Generation of typical fault data

  • Supply-chain modelling by means of a simulation tool, e.g. VENSIM
  • Data configuration concerning normal and malfunctioning operation

  • Implementing different scenarios for normal operation and malfunctioning operation (single or multiple incidents)
  • Identifying critical malfunction or combinations of malfunction for the supply-chain
  • Testing the effectivity of counter measures